I’ve had my Jeep for about a year now and it hasn’t had the best life.  (It’s over 10 years old,  it’s my daily in the winter, I drive it any time it rains, etc.)  I’ve taken it off-roading and it was the vehicle used to pull a heavy trailer loaded up with all my stuff when I moved.

If you’re reading this you already know that  I am very particular when it comes to paint condition so driving this vehicle around with swirls and scratches seemed a bit hypocritical.  The reason I waited so long to undertake a full paint correction is because once I get the paint in good condition (for this vehicle), I would feel on edge every time I drive it.   I’ve decided to get over that fear and understand that it is what it is.  My goal is for a 80% result and I am willing to take on the risks of scratches from there.  I’m sick of looking at the abused paint.  Here goes nothing!

Paint Condition & Thoughts:

For anyone into detailing, I can confidentially say that the condition was just plain bad!  The paint had it all: swirl mark marring, random deep marring, a handful of deep scratches, water spots, and buffer marks / holograms.  Thankfully the color Beryl Green didn’t show it all unless there was bright sun focused on the area. I’m just glad it’s not black!

When I took it off-road, there were some trees that brushed up against the sides of the vehicle.  I was able to get most of these out, but a few on each side did not come out.  Part of the reason I couldn’t get them out it is that the product / pad combo wasn’t aggressive enough for this medium paint.  The other reason is that a few were too deep to safely remove at my skill level.  The key is to know your limits.  I would much rather have this car 70% – 80% perfect in most lights instead of anything less than that because I took on a situation I could not confidently manage.  I should point out that the scratches from the trees were horizontal on the sides of the vehicle.  That being said, they are harder to see than the holograms that I was able to get out. Again, this is a daily that sits outside and gets driven when the weather is bad or I have to haul stuff.  The goal is not perfection here, but I do want to be able to drive it without feeling embarrassed.

Some of the marks on the sides are water streaks and spots, but there are a lot of swirls all over.  Not to mention the long scratches from the trees!