How I Decided On A Coating:

Nobody likes cleaning their wheels!  I was in the market for a new product/process since I felt that my current method of just cleaning my wheels during normal maintenance washes wasn’t good enough.  I felt that I was putting too much effort when washing them.  I also just plain hate doing it!

There are more expensive wheel coatings out there.  This isn’t the highest end, but I wasn’t ready to fork over a ton of money since this was my first application.  Gtechniq C5 is a reputable kit that had great reviews.  It also didn’t break the bank.  Not to mention that it’s not exactly bottom of the barrel in it’s class either.

I purchased the 30ml bottle because I wanted to be sure I didn’t run out and I anticipated doing several coats.  I applied two coats on the front and one on the rear with about 1/3 of the bottle remaining.  If you have 19″ wheels or smaller, the 15ml should be enough.