What’s Shifted Perspective?

Shifted Perspective was created to help people find great products, knowledge, and entertainment.  The company facilitates reviews, demonstrations, and opinions on various products/methods relating to car care.  Shifted Perspective incorporates the car culture and works to bring enthusiasts together that share similar passions.  It’s essentially incorporating everything most car lovers like in one place!

More Specifically…

I have always had a thing for cars.  Ever since I was young, I would talk about cars and was more observant that all of my friends.  It was just something I liked to immerse myself in, but everyone assumed it was just because I was a boy and boys like cars when they are little kids.  As I got older, the passion grew, but looking back, I didn’t consider myself more knowledgeable about cars, I just felt like an outlier because I was the only one who understood a lot about a specific topic.  Others just didn’t “get it.”  In high school I always had the cleanest car and was obsessed with keeping it that way.  I would take on some light mods as I saved up some extra money working part time.  At that time, I still never identified this as a passion.  Most people considered it a hobby and I agreed with them.

It wasn’t until the past couple of years that I can say I feel proud of my passion and involvement.  I am now comfortable being over the top about this, because it’s what I love to do and no one will stop me.  I am extreme in my ways and am learning to harness it to use it productively.  Instead of keeping to myself and seeking out only other car guys to talk to, I’ve decided to share it on YouTube, Instagram, and this website! 

I enjoy your videos so much! You’re like the cool ass car guy neighbor just so down to earth and simple! Love it man.

– Malcom S