The Shorty 5″ Antenna

I’ve always hated the fishing pole antenna on my Jeep.  It looks so dated an unnecessary.  I had intentions to replace it, but never got around to it until now.  What kicked me into gear is the clearance in the parking garage at work.  Now that I’m lifted, the antenna smacks on the top of the garage pillars when I’m driving up the ramp.  It’s annoying and only reminds me that I need to replace it.

The two I considered were the 5″ or the 13″.  I feel that the 13″ was too big for my Jeep and I also didn’t like that it was bend slightly at higher speeds.  Not a big deal, but it just didn’t look as clean to me.  I went with the 5″ called “The Shorty.”

This sounds silly, but this one of my favorite mods I’ve done.  Don’t get me wrong, the lift is awesome, but every time I look at the front of the Jeep, it just looks so clean and I love it.  It’s updated, clean, and more modern looking.  I could go on more about how much I love this short antenna, but I’ll spare you.

Check out to see what fits your vehicle.  It shipped quickly and appears to be of good build quality.  The package also came with several connectors for different manufactures so that’s nice as well.